PTA Leadership and the future of Oso Grande begins with you!

Oso Grande PTA is looking for parents to participate on this year’s Nominating Committee. The committee will meet between January and early March to identify and present selected candidates for open PTA Board Positions.

What does a Nominating Committee do?

Come together to identify future leaders to carry out the mission, values and vision of the Oso Grande Elementary PTA.

What is the Goal of a Nominating Committee?

The group is responsible for selecting officer candidates to present to the general membership for election in the Spring.

What is required to be on the Nominating Committee?

You must be an active member in the PTA (paid your PTA membership). That’s an easy start!

How many are on the Nominating Committee?

5 members and 2 alternates

So why should I participate on the Nominating Committee?

Because you are a parent that believes in the value of our PTA and know that Oso Grande parents play a huge part in the success of our students and our teachers. Especially during this unique time, you have the gift of seeing beyond today and know what and who it takes to see Oso students and teachers thrive beyond 2020.

Please submit your interest and contact information by January 5th, 2021. For more information or questions, email Darcy Cramer at