Oso Grande PTA wants to reiterate our gratitude to ALL of our families and businesses who participated in and contributed to our Fun Run – Dance Edition Fundraiser last October.  It was a huge success thanks to your generosity.  As part of our appreciation, we want to honor the following families as the Top Contributors by granting them each a month of Preferred Parking in our school parking lot.  Please watch for a special placard to be placed above the spot each month and join us in thanking the following families for their support of Oso Grande.

Cross Family – February

Minoda Family – March

Drury Family – April & May (two students tied for 2nd place contributions of over $1000 each!)

*On a side note, please honor these families in their support by leaving those spaces open for them!*


In addition, we want to acknowledge the following classes for their overall support and participation.  PTA provided a special Lola’s Café Lunch (with a thanks to Lola’s Café for their continued support of Oso Grande with a discount!) to all the teachers of these classes in December.  Later in the Spring, PTA plans to provide a special frozen treat / ice cream surprise to all members of the top classes (once the weather warms and dependent upon updated Covid-19 guidelines).

Top 3 Classes:

  1. Micklin (1st Grade)
  2. Beard (2nd Grade)
  3. Acevedo (3rd Grade)

Teachers with 100% Class Registration

  1. Stadel
  2. Micklin
  3. Bentley
  4. Johnson


Your contributions to Oso Grande PTA are vital in allowing us to continue to provide support for our teachers, enrichment for our students, and enhancements and improvements to our facility and community!   To learn more about the ways PTA has supported or hopes to support Oso Grande Elementary in the Past, Present and Future, please email us at info@osograndepta.com or visit our website at www.osograndepta.com.