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Celebration Book Club

Celebration Book Club The Celebration Book Club is a program that celebrates a moment in your child's life...a birthday, half birthday, graduation, special accomplishment, or a favorite holiday with a new book for our school library. You may also choose to honor a teacher, staff member or even a family member.

The school district no longer supplies books to the school library, so the Celebration Book Club enables us to continue to expand our school library. When you participate in this program, a new book (chosen by your child) will be added to our library. A bookplate with your child’s name will be permanently placed inside the front cover of the book and your child will be the first to check out the book. The book will be presented to your student in the month of his/her birthday/event, either in class or at the weekly flag ceremony* (see the presentation schedule at the bottom of this page). The children enjoy being recognized at the flag ceremony and they also enjoy being the first students to read and enjoy the books. When other students check out the donated book in the future, they will know that your child has taken part in expanding the school library.

Your child will have the opportunity to select a book during his/her recess in the week prior to the flag ceremony presentation. At that time, we will also take a picture of your child with their donated book for display in the library.

To participate in this program, please fill out the Order Form, and return it to your child's teacher along with your payment of $20 made out to Oso Grande PTA. It is a good idea to send the form in at least a month in advance so that we can make sure we have adequate inventory to choose from.

Please contact Jenn Morrow with any questions or comments.

* for grades 1-5 only. Mrs. Martin delivers the books to the Kindergarten classrooms personally.