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Meet the Masters

Our Meet the Masters art program is funded by the PTA. Each year, the students learn about 4-5 famous artists. For each artist, the students begin by attending an assembly where they learn about the fascinating life and famous works of the Master Artist. Then, the students practice the related techniques which made the art revolutionary. Finally, the students participate in an instructor-led art project in class which utilizes the techniques that they have learned about. This art project generally utilizes the same medium, style or subject matter that was originally used by the artist.

Health and Fitness Week

Health and Fitness Week is when we plan a full week of activities that motivate our kids to get out and get moving! We have special guests that entertain our kids during lunch and recess and kids are rewarded for making healthy choices. On Friday, we have our annual Jog-A-Thon and Spring fundraiser, which is always a great event!

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