2022-23 Yearbook Dedication Ad


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A Yearbook Dedication Ad is a special way to honor your student.  These dedications are included in the back section of the yearbook.  Many parents purchase dedication ads to celebrate a student of any grade with a special note with pictures or design of your creation/ choosing.

Before you complete this form, you must create your image file (using any software of your choosing), and save it as a JPEG type file with the measurements and orientation specified below:

  • Must be landscape orientation
  • Must be 3.75” x 2.375”
  • Must be in JPEG format (or .jpg)

Once you have finished creating your file (images and text or a combination of the two), you will be able to fill out your order, make your payment, and you will be prompted to upload the digital image of your dedication.

Dedications due 4/18 @ 2:20pm.