Celebration Book Club


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Life looks different, but there are still plenty of reasons to CELEBRATE! Let’s build our library with new books we can look forward to!

How it will work:

  • Purchase a book(s) on www.osograndepta.com
  • Receive a link to peruse available titles, and then select your book
  • Your child will be “celebrated” in a video by Miss Bethanie and/or Mr. Bogle
  • You will be notified when you can (safely) pick up your book from your teacher, or you may choose for the book to go directly into the library
  • Your book will have instructions on when to return to teacher
  • Virtually watch our Celebration Bookshelf grow with new books for our library!



Fall Birthdays/Events in August – November

  • Order by 10/1/2020

Winter Birthdays/Events in December – February

  • Order by 12/1/2020

Spring/Summer Birthdays/Events in March – July

  • Order by 3/1/2020

Download the Flyer Here