Celebration Book Club


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Donate a book to our library in your child’s honor to celebrate a birthday, ½ birthday, or another special event. Donations are announced at Flag Ceremony.

When you participate in this program, a new book (chosen by your child) will be added to our library. A bookplate with your child’s name will be permanently placed inside the front cover and your child will be the first to check out the book. The book will be presented to your student either in class or at the weekly flag ceremony.

The book will be presented to your child in the month of his/her birthday/event. Your child will have the opportunity to select a book during recess and at that time, we will also take a picture of your child with their donated book for display in the library. Parents will be notified ahead of time when their child’s book will be presented at Flag.

*All May and Summer birthdays will be presented at the beginning of May.